The New Networking: 8 Strategies for Building Real Relationships

Building relationships with leaders and potential business partners can be a difficult and often tedious task. Some people make it look effortless whereas others try hard. Building real relationships is an art which can take years to master. It requires you to be patient and perseverant. However, it is not really as difficult as it sounds. It is a process which is time-consuming but worth every minute you spend on it. Building and cultivating relationships is not only important for your business but it is also a way of building your own personal network with people of high mental capacities.

In this article, Blue Ocean Global Technology CEO, Sameer Somal shares his insights on how to build a real relationship and first impressions that leave a lasting impact on everyone you meet. He believes in the power of follow-up, social media, handwritten notes, listening and being present. He is a firm believer of quality over quantity and makes a point that distributing business cards is of far less significance than building few but long-lasting relationships. He shares various tips to make ourselves memorable and likeable. His strategies are simple yet truly effective to build long term friendships.

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