Negative Press is Inevitable for Modern CEOs — And That’s Not a Bad Thing

No publicity is bad publicity, and it is true more than ever nowadays if you know how to maintain your online reputation. Gone were the days when CEOs were not expected to say anything on any matter unless it was related directly to their business. Nowadays, CEOs are expected to come out of the plastic world of PR and be authentic about what they feel on certain matters. They need to be raw and real; artificiality belongs to the bygone days. CEOs are now expected to speak up and often, it leads them to less than favorable situations and subjects them to negative reviews.

However, how the public perceives you depends largely on what they find on the internet about you. Your company may be tanking, but people will still trust you if you have a positive image online. Maintain your reputation is an art and our CEO, Sameer Somal talks about it in detail. He gives examples and explains in brief how Google results can be manipulated and used in order to show people the favorable results about you.

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